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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:31-35

Looking Back

This past Sunday pastor Bret preached from the Matthew account of Jesus’ announcement to the disciples that they were about to walk away from Him. Their response exposed the reality that they did not realize the turn Jesus’ earthly ministry was about to take. The title of the sermon, When God’s Unwanted Ways Expose Our Unseen Weakness, strikes to the core of their misunderstanding of the balance between human decision and God’s sovereign control.

It was not only a misunderstanding for them, it can be mindboggling for us and at times serve as a stumbling block in our faith. Doubt and fear live in the balance for many who ponder what God could possibly be doing in the midst of the horrific events that occur in this life. Pastor Bret highlighted two points from the passage to help bolster our faith in the God who we cannot comprehend: 1) The surety and goodness of God’s sovereignty, 2) The pain and blessing of our misplaced confidence.

Listen Again

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Thinking and Acting Ahead

  • How was your understanding of this passage changed or enhanced by what we learned last week about the scene of the Lord’s Supper?
  • How does your view of God’s sovereignty impact your prayer life? Consider whether you think it causes you to pray more or less.
  • Have any recent events in your life caused you to doubt God’s sovereign control? What came to mind while hearing that topic addressed in the sermon? If you have come through the other side of that event and now understand how God has used it for your good and His honor, how could you encourage others in the stage of doubt or despair that you were once in?
  • Through this passage the observation was made that in ourselves we do not have the power to ultimately resist sin. How did that affect your confidence in Christ and the Holy Spirit?
  • Plan to intentionally use an observation or point from this sermon in your discipleship and witnessing interactions with others.