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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:26-30

Looking Back

This past Sunday pastor Bret preached through the Matthew account of the Lord's Supper.  He demonstrated four different emphasis that should shape our understanding and practice of the Lord's Supper here at Summit Woods.  1) Remember the body of Christ, 2) Remember the blood of Christ, 3) Anticipate the return of Christ, and 4) Worship the fullness of Christ. 

The shift Jesus made in this Passover meal "exploded" the disciples expectations and understanding of this historical tradition for the Jews.  Looking at the implications for us today, our individualistic understanding of this beloved ordinance should be "exploded" to gain perspective of the greater corporate aspect of one another.  Review some of the discussions from our growth groups and look forward to next week's participation together in the Lord's Supper.

Listen Again

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Thinking and Acting Ahead

1. How do you typically approach remembering Christ during our celebration of the Lord's Supper? Why?
2. How could today's sermon help you prepare well to take of it next week?
3. How would you talk to your children about the Lord's supper before they take of the elements? How would you explain it to them?
4. We often see the Lord's Supper in very personal terms - how should we see our participation of it in corporate (church-wide) terms? What are we saying about the church when we take it? How are you thinking about the church when you take of the table?
5. What would cause the Lord's Supper to be a fresh reminder of your fellowship with Christ and the cross each month when we enjoy it together?