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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:1-25

This past Sunday we spent time in Matthew 26:1-25 studying the events leading up to the cross. In this text Matthew is emphasizing the betrayal of Christ by Judas. He is explaining the last events leading to the event of betrayal itself. The pinnacle event was when Mary anointed Christ. This is the event that pushed Judas’ hatred for Christ over the top, we see the intentions of the hearts of two individuals who were completely at odds. Money had Judas’ highest affection. He was disgusted that this woman would “waste” such a great amount of money on Jesus. However, this woman saw Christ as supremely valuable. She anointed Christ from a heart that was overflowing with a generosity that comes from being forgiven. As the Easter season approaches, it is good for our hearts to also be leaning in, examining our affections. What does your heart look like? Is Christ your greatest desire? Or are things of the world? What are the idols in your heart that tarnish the desire you have for Christ?

Pastor Bret also rightly emphasized the sovereignty of God over the heinous act of the crucifixion of Christ. This passage demonstrated to us that both, a good sovereign God was controlling every detail leading up to Christ’s betrayal and crucifixion. But the text also showed us that the sinful actions of sinful human beings were leading to these events. Acts 2:23 reminds us that Christ’s death was both the sovereign plan of God and that men were responsible for the sinful decisions they had made. This is a difficult doctrine to wrestle with particularly in the midst of suffering. But it truly is a comforting one. In whatever suffering we go through in this life we can be sure that God is in control and that things are going according to his plan. We can also be sure that there is a judgment for those who disobey the commands of the Lord. Whether you are in suffering and can gain comfort from this teaching, or you are in times of peace and build your theology of suffering for when suffering comes, we can praise the Lord for his sovereignty in our lives.

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