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Sunday Review - Matthew 27:11-26

Looking Back

As we gathered Sunday, we heard from Matt 27:11-26 the description of the condemnation of Jesus in three phases: suppression of the truth with lies, choosing sin above justice, and condemning the innocent and not the guilty. Pastor Bret then pointed out the same pattern in Romans 1, and in our society today. Pastor Bret then reminded us that this is the normal pattern for a fallen world, and every age is marked with it, so it should come as no surprise. The question is how should we respond to the broken sinfulness in our generation?

Listen Again

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Thinking and Acting Ahead

  • As you listen and read again, remember that salvation comes to us and to others in the midst of God’s expressed judgement. From the animal skins in the Garden to Noah and his family in the ark, from Lot’s rescue from Sodom to the remnant left in Israel during the Babylonian and Assyrian captivities, God continually saves people out of the midst of His expressed judgement on sin.
  • If God saves out of the midst of judgment, and we see the signs of His judgment in our society today, we should also look for and speak the gospel boldly to those whom He will rescue out of that judgment.
  • We should accept that rebellion of the majority against God is the norm. At the same time, we are commanded to be salt and light. So as Adam reminded us, we should be light in the way we love and serve one another, adorning the gospel with love as we sense and meet the needs in our families and in our covenant fellowship, the church.