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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 17:1-13

Carefully Think

  • Read Matthew chapter 17:1-13.
  • When did this occur? Why is the timing significant (why would Matthew draw attention to it)?
  • Where did Jesus go and who did he take with him? Why do you think he took only these three disciples?
  • How does the transfigured Jesus differ from the Jesus the disciples knew and were familiar with?
  • Who did Jesus converse with during His transfiguration? Why do you feel these two were chosen by God to partake in this event?
  • Whose voice was heard on the mount? What did He say? How did the disciples respond?

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Consider why the Transfiguration was necessary. What effect was the Transfiguration to have on the disciples? How would this encourage them in ministry? Motivate them in their commitment to Christ?
  • If you were present on the mount that day, how do you think you would have reacted? Why? What would you have said?
  • Consider the numerous stories of the Bible that describe people reacting to the presence of God. How does that affect your concept/mindset of God’s holiness?
  • What sort of glimpses into God's glory does He tend to show us today? What effect are they to have on us?

Intentionally Act

  • What sort of sins would this kind of passage call attention to in our lives? What should you confess?
  • What sort of encouragement should this account have on our devotion to Christ and encouragement to serve him faithfully? How should you respond to him in prayer or any actions?
  • Pray for those who have been "shown" the power and majesty of God, and yet do not believe. Pray for non-Christians who will be present this Sunday to respond appropriately to God's word.
  • How should this text impact our congregation as a whole?
  • Pray that God will prepare our hearts for his work of grace this Sunday as we gather.
  • Pray for those who will be leading our gathering to edify the body well: Dawson Bryant, music; Adam Naler, Elders' Prayer and Scripture Reading; Bret Capranica, teaching.
  • Listen to the songs we will be singing together and meditate on the message of each song. Prepare yourself to sing together with the church on the Lord's Day.

Songs for Sunday



Morning and Evening Gathering - November 9, 2014