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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:31-35

Carefully Think

  • Read Matthew 26:31-35
  • What was the reason the disciples would “fall away” from Jesus that night?
  • How significant is the metaphor of shepherd and sheep? How closely was this group tied to Jesus at this point?
  • Skim 10:1-25. How had Jesus prepared them for opposition in his name? How much opposition do you think the disciples might have expected in light of Jesus’ statements in 26:31-34?
  • Could Jesus’ statement in vs. 32 have jogged their memory from previous announcements he had given? How had he prepared them for the events to come?
  • What did Peter believe he was ready to do for Jesus? What did Jesus know Peter was unwilling to do that night?

Prayerfully Meditate

  • How closely do you identify with Jesus? How do people around you, in everyday life, recognize your connection with him?
  • Consider the last time you either denied or failed to openly identify with Christ. What would it have cost you at that time to remain firm in your confession of him?
  • Consider the impact of these disciples remaining faithful to Jesus in the long term (after the upcoming events).

Intentionally Act

  • Confess those times in which you were not willing to identify with Christ. Take action against the fears that drove a weak response to opposition at that time.
  • Pray for unbelievers that will be in our Sunday morning gathering, that they would consider the cost of surrendering to Christ and find him more valuable than anything.
  • Pray for fellow believers in our congregation, that the Holy Spirit, through this passage would renew their willingness to unashamedly identify with Christ. Look for ways to encourage others in this regard.
  • Pray for those who will be leading our gathering this week: Dawson Bryant, music; Brett Harris, Elders' prayer and Scripture reading; Bret Capranica, teaching.
  • Prepare in the music below for our gathering Sunday. Reflect on the lyrics in preparation of singing together.

Songs for Sunday


Morning Gathering Lyrics - February 28, 2016