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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:26-29

Carefully Think

  • Read Matt 26:26-29
  • Jesus explains almost nothing about the bread except “this is my body.’’ Does he do so because they already know what he means? Read Matt 14:19; Mark 8:6-9; think about the known symbolism of the Passover meal.
  • “Drink of it, all of you”- Does this sound optional? What if they don’t?
  • “my blood of the covenant” Up to now the blood that initiated a covenant was a substitute (Animal skin on Adam and Eve, Abel’s sacrifice, Abraham and Isaac, the Passover lamb, and thousands of rams, bulls, and lambs, particularly the Passover lamb. Now whose blood initiates the covenant?
  • “Poured out for many” What are the possible things this could mean? Out of the possible, which is most probable?
  • “For the forgiveness of sins” If we are going to have a covenant relationship with God, forgiveness is the first step, not the end. What should we do after that? How do we relate to Jesus?
  • “Until I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” Jesus gives the glory to the Father, but who is the ruler of that kingdom? If Jesus is king, what relation do we have with him? (hint: there is a word for those underneath a kings authority!) That is one aspect of how we relate to Jesus.

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Should the Lord’s Supper leave us longing for the eschaton? Does it do so for you?
  • What do you call someone who should be under the authority of a king, but refuses? Who is the rebel in this story?
  • How glad are you to live under the new covenant? For a comparison of new and old, read the letter to the Hebrews!

Intentionally Act

  • Pray for a rebel you know to be brought to repentance and faith.
  • Spend some time repenting of the rebellion in your own life.
  • Express your gratitude for Jesus pouring out his blood for your forgiveness.
  • Pray for those who will be leading our gathering this week: Dawson Bryant, music; Brett Harris, Elders' prayer and Scripture reading; Bret Capranica, teaching.
  • Spend some time preparing for worship in the music below, but more importantly the lyrics. Pray that our church would come together as one to sing praise to the Lord, "teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God". (Col 3:16)

Songs for Sunday


Morning Gathering Lyrics - February 21, 2016