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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 13:44-52

Carefully Think

  • Read Matthew 13:44-52
  • List the parables described here.
  • What are the similarities between each of the parables? What are the differences?
  • What is the emphasis of the first two parables that do not have a stated explanation?
  • What is the emphasis of the thrid parable that is explained?
  • What are the new and old things that Jesus is referring to in the last parable (vv 51-52)?
  • How is this final parable (vv 51-52) a good summary of the three parables before it? Of all the parables in chapter 13?

Prayerfully Meditate

  • How do you see your participation in God's kingdom similar to the man who found the hidden treasure and the merchant who discovered the valuable pearl?
  • The disciples could identify themselves with the parables (v 51). How do you personally identifiy with each of these parables?
  • What is it about the kingdom of God that you find overwhelmingly, joyfully, compelling that you would give up everything to have it?
  • How do you cultivate and maintain such a compelling joy in the things related to God's kingdom?

Intentionally Act

  • Do you find anything in your life distracting you from the deepest joy in the kingdom of God? How can you focus your heart on the kingdom this week? What will you do? How will you respond?
  • How could you use this passage as a means to encourage someone else? Who would that be in your life? Make plans in your heart and schedule to do that this week.
  • Pray for those who will be in attendance Sunday do not love God's kingdom like the man who finds the hidden treasure and the merchant finding the valuable pearl. Pray they will find the kingdom most valuable.
  • Pray for Christians attending this Sunday to be edified and prepared to love God and others more intentionally.
  • Pray for those who will lead our gathering this Sunday to serve the congregation in a most edifying way: Dawson Bryant, music; Brandon Ferguson, Elders' Prayer and Scripture Reading; Bret Capranica, teaching.
  • Prepare yourself to sing with zeal and understanding the songs we will sing together on the Lord's Day.

Songs for Sunday



Morning and Evening Gathering - March 9, 2014