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Mid-week Review

Last Sunday, Pastor Bret finished a two-part message, "A Test Case in Biblical Fidelity".  

The test case was divorce, presented by the Pharisees in their desire to kill Jesus.  The main point of the passage reflects our hearts toward the authority of God's Word in our lives.  It is one thing to claim the Bible is true and is God's Word, it is completely different to let God's Word rule our lives as the single source of truth by which all of our decisions and actions flow, including very tough decisions such as marriage and divorce.  

How has it impacted you over the last two weeks? I know it has been hard in my life to see the lack of trust in God's perfect Word in the areas in my heart that long to justify my sin.

Listen to the message again and think through your view of marriage in relation to God's creative work in Genesis 1-2, the fall in Chapter 3, and then jump ahead to Ephesians 5 to see how the Gospel reclaims marriage.  Just as in Moses' time, our hardness of hearts has given us a small view of marriage, even among evangelical Christians!

Think through this week how we can better display Colossians 3:12-17 at Summit Woods in regards to divorce, marriage, and the constant struggles of life as well.  Are we bearing with one another, patiently, loving one-another and forgiving when wronged?  Are we admonishing and teaching one-another in love and thankfulness?  What can you do this week for one of your brothers or sisters in Christ here at Summit Woods this week in regards to marriage and divorce? You do not need to be married to live out Colossians 3:12-17 with someone struggling with sin. Not only should we look to those in the midst of divorce, we should proactively engage those in marrage and even before marriage to give them a big view of marriage and exemplify Biblical marriage.  That is NOT a "perfect" marriage, but one filled with patience, sacrifice, forgiveness and abounding in love.    

As you listen again to the sermon, review the verses and pray for the Spirit to give you understanding and wisdom to serve the body. Look forward to this Sunday by reading through the rest of Matthew 19 and think through the next sections on children.  Why does Matthew turn immediately to the story of children being brought to the Lord after the teaching on divorce?  How does that quickly turn to the shallow heart of the rich young man?  Be looking forward to the Preparing for Sermon post coming each Friday!  Praying for you and looking forward to our gathering again.

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