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Highlighted Equipping Resources - A Biblical Answer for Racial Unity

a biblical answer for racial unity

You may have noticed some new books have been made available on the shelves of the welcome desk in the foyer. These are resources we would like to highlight to the congregation for a period of time.

The purpose of highlighting these resources is simply to put biblically solid, Christ-exalting, affection-fueling resources in the hands of the members at Summit Woods for their personal growth in the Lord, to equip them to do the work of ministry, and for use in discipleship relationships.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a new book for yourself to read in your devotional time, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get together with a brother or sister in the Lord and desire to encourage them in their walk with the Lord – these resources are there to be readily available for you.

For this season, we wanted to highlight some resources to help us think through biblically and respond biblically to the unprecedented circumstances in our world and nation. We hope that these books will help you think critically and biblically as we seek to exalt Christ in a dying world.

This week we want to highlight A Biblical Answer for Racial Unity, by H.B. Charles, Richard Caldwell, Owen Strachan and more.

This book is a compilation of nine biblical expositions and one biographical survey. Though it is not intended to be an exhaustive treatment of the Bible’s teaching on racial unity, it does offer biblical insight into the core elements of the Scripture’s answer for racial reconciliation and unity within the church—and in our world. It is our prayer that it will help bring biblical clarity to our age that is so filled with confusion on this matter—and ultimately, glory to our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. To whom belongs eternal praises, from a people united by the gospel of grace and the Spirit of God.

From the book, “There is no political fix for what ails this world. There is no human solution to the problem. There is no cultural analysis or commentary or social program that can fix what’s wrong. There’s only one answer for such a world. There’s only one hope in the midst of the chaos, and his name is Jesus.”