Elder's Prayer

(Thanksgiving) Expression of gratitude for God’s grace, drawn from Isaiah 12:4: 
And in that day you will say, 

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name. 

Make known His deeds among the peoples; 

Make them remember that His name is exalted.” 

We praise you for your grace that brings us to thank you and to call on your name.   

We remember your great deeds among us: your work of salvation, and your provision, preservation, and so many other providences. 

We are nothing, you are all. We are worthy of condemnation and destruction, and you have brought salvation and forgiveness. 

We ate with Adam and fell in Adam, and we staggered with Adam as we were cast out of Eden. 

In the infinite stoop of Christ, you have saved us, brought us into your family as sons and daughters, made us heirs of Christ, caused us to participate in the fellowship of the Trinity, and destined us to live in your presence by your Spirit now and in your very presence in the restoration. In our salvation, you have granted us greater privileges than we lost in Adam, and we marvel at your grace. 

Your name is exalted, and amidst all the tinny distractions, attractive deceits, competing voices, and tinsel promises, we ask that you would convict us of your majesty, continue to exalt your sovereign grace, and call us forth from our delusions to see your worthiness of all praise and thanksgiving. 

This we pray in Christ’s name,