Elder's Prayer

The Lord reigns. He is clothed in majesty and righteousness and glory and holiness.  

Your throne is firmly established. You rule in power. You are in complete control over all of your creation. You accomplish whatever you desire, you fulfill every word that comes from your mouth according to your wisdom and according to your timing. 

You created us in your image, yet, because of our sin, we are far from you. 

We have no majesty of our own, no righteousness that we can offer, no glory or holiness that comes from us.  

You search us and know that our hearts are full of sin – anger, hate, envy, lust, gossip, we doubt, we grumble, we fear. You know that we are self-centered, proud, arrogant, thinking highly of ourselves while dismissing and judging others.  

Yet you’ve loved us.  

You know our names. You know when we rise up and when we lie down. You know our most secret thoughts. You see what we do when we’re alone. You know our words before they are on our tongues. You are intimately involved in all that we do. 

You have made yourself known to us, through your word and through your son and through your spirit.  

You have been gracious in calling us to repent, kind to us in opening our eyes to our sin, merciful to us in giving us new life, and loving in leading us into paths of righteousness. 

Our greatest good is to know you, our best hope is your promise to never leave us or forsake us, our security is knowing that you have promised to lead and guide and preserve us, our righteousness found in Christ alone according to your will alone. 

May you receive all praise, honor, and glory, forever and ever.