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Elder's Prayer - September 18, 2022

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.


We rejoice in your saving of Aidan, and the fruits of salvation that he sees as evidence of your grace.

We are humbled and grateful for the ordinary means of faithful parents and devoted church that you have used to instruct, endure with patience, admonish him, encourage him, rebuke him for your glory.

May we flee from a prideful arrogance that is fearful, anxious or cowardly; that shrinks from that call to the gospel torch, paralyzed by our lack of confidence in you through us.

May we flee from a lazy, joyless ease, that is more comfortable with pursuing satisfaction in this world, than faithfulness to proclaim your kingdom come for your glory.

But, may we, with confidence, a fierce reliance upon your sustenance to the task of the gospel, the Spirit’s flame of inspiration in our heart through the word, and unencumbered joy in the work of your Son; herald wholeheartedly your call to repent and believe.

May we flee from unfaithfulness to that gospel call to unbridled exuberance to confidently proclaim Christ.

We confidently depend on you and consecrate our hearts in labor to Magnify your Name through your effort in us to make disciples of your Son Jesus Christ;

In whose name we pray; amen.