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Preparing for Sunday - Jeremiah 1-52 - Part 2

Carefully Think What was Judah's chief problem (2:4, 11-13)? How deeply affected was Judah in their sin (5:1-6)? In what was Judah falsely trusting (7:1-4)? How did Jeremiah's life serve as an illustration for Judah to see their sin and God's judgment (16:1-9)? How did Judah respond to Jeremiah (26:7-19; 37:11-15; 38:1-6)? Read 30-33 - what are these chapters about...

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Preparing for Sunday - Jeremiah 1-52

Carefully Think The following suggestions are to help you get a glimpse of the book as a whole. Read Jeremiah 1:1-19. This chapter is a good overview of many of the themes in the book. What themes do you see emphasized? What do you learn about Jeremiah in this chapter? What do you learn about God in this chapter? What do you learn about Judah in this chapter? What ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Jude 3-7

Carefully Think Read the book of Jude. Who is Jude speaking to in this letter? For what purpose does he say he is writing? Read Jude 3-7 How does Jude address his audience? Where are those whom Jude is warning the "beloved" about? What are the works of Jesus that Jude mentions by way of reminder? What is the consequence for rejecting Christ? Prayerfully Meditate...

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Preparing for Sunday - Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Carefully Think Read Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12 Make a list of everything you learn about what God, the Father does or is like. Make a list of everything you learn about God's "servant." What does he do and why? What is he like? Who is speaking in 52:13-15? Who is speaking in 53:1-12? How do the speakers of 53:1-12 feel about what the servant of God did and went through? ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Isaiah 40-66

Carefully Think Read Isaiah 40. What do you learn about God? Why would Israel need this vision of God? Read Isaiah 45. According to this chapter, who is Cyrus and how does God use him? Read Isaiah 52:13-53:12. What do you learn about the Lord's Servant? Read Isaiah 55. How does God describe salvation? Read Isaiah 58. What is God looking for in genuine fasting? Read...

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Preparing for Sunday - Isaiah 1-39 (Part 2)

Carefully Think Last week we entered back into our Touring the Old Testament series and the book of Isaiah, specifically, focusing on God's judgment of sin and his confrontation of his own people (chapters 1-12). This week we will focus on chapters 13-39. Read through or briefly skim through chapters 13-24. What is God doing in these chapters and why? What nations are ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Isaiah

Carefully Think This Sunday we pick up again with our summer tour in the Old Testament and our focus will be on the Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel. We begin with Isaiah. Our aim in these "preparing" posts is to make you familiar with the major themes running through the book. In that light, read through Isaiah 1:1-31. This is a good...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 9:35-38

Carefully Think Read Matthew 9:35-38 How does this compare to 4:23? What do these two bookends reveal to us regarding the content of Matthew 5:1-9:34? Read 9:35. What was Jesus teaching? What was it about the gospel of the kingdom that Jesus was preaching? In light of what we have studied in Matthew 8-9, why was Jesus healing? Read 9:36. What was Jesus' response to t...

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O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

In the Morning Gathering this Sunday, we will take together the Lord's Supper. Each time we take the elements together, we sing hymns and songs that serve to focus our thoughts and attention to the cross. This time of singing has become a rich opportunity for us, as the body of Christ, to express together the extent, sufficiency, and wonder of the atonement and our anticip...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 9:18-34

Carefully Think Read Matthew 9:18-34 This section contains three healing events (with 5 different people being healed). List each of these three events. Where was Jesus when the first healing event began? Who approaches Jesus and what does he want? What does this first individual think about Jesus? How would you describe his interest in Christ? What is the differenc...

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